What Can a Breach of Contract Lawyer in Houston, TX Do for You?

April 12, 2023

Texas is the nation’s top producer of oil and natural gas. It accounts for 43 percent of oil and 25 percent of natural gas, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. With so many oil and law issues, you might need a breach of contract lawyer in your corner.

A breach of contract lawyer can decide if there was a contract and if the breach caused damages.

Here’s more on how a breach of contract lawyer can help.

Was There a Contract?

A business contract lawyer will figure out if there was a contract in the first place. Legally binding agreements lay the groundwork for land acquisition and exploration rights. Moreover, contracts in oil and gas law issues specify payment and production issues.

Mineral rights and royalty disputes can be at issue. A lawyer will decide if there was a breach of contract and if either party was at fault.

Business contract lawyers will examine word-of-mouth agreements. Are they enforceable? Your lawyer will look at the specifics of each detail and decide what’s accepted in court.


Contracts are full of legalese and words few people outside the legal community can interpret. Add in the oil and gas industry terminology, and things get complicated quickly.

Differences in language and wording can signal a contract breach. A skilled lawyer can figure out clauses and even formatting. For example, lawyers will look for unambiguous and explicit language.


You could be due a financial reward should there be a breach of contract. If the other party violates a land agreement, you could be owed more money in royalties. Or perhaps workers don’t get proper pay under the Texas Payday Law and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Each of these situations could mean damages. A business contract lawyer will fight for you and ensure you get your deserved payment.

Master Service Agreement

A business contract lawyer examines a master service agreement, which puts in writing the responsibilities of each party. It could mean a breach if either party fails to uphold its agreement.

A breach of contract involving a master service agreement could occur if either party shares the contract details. Oil and gas drilling could cause disagreements surrounding property, drillers, and property owners.

An MSA also can guide parties through conflict resolution. A breach of contract lawyer could make each determination about a breach based on the contract’s language.

What a Breach of Contract Lawyer Can Do for You

A breach of contract lawyer can help you determine if there was a contract in the first place! Lawyers can also sort out damages, terminology, and master service agreements. Regardless of your issue, you’ll need a lawyer to fight on your behalf.

Look no further than us in the Houston area should you need an attorney about a breach of contract in the oil and gas industry. Our skilled experts know the business and the nuances of drilling, land issues, and mineral rights. We’ll walk you through any situation and recommend the legal steps you should take.

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