Water Truck Accidents

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    Were You Injured in an Accident Involving a Water Truck?

    Water trucks are an essential part of the oil and gas production industry. These trucks are needed to transport water sources for hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – drills to obtain valuable crude oil from subsurface deposits. Without water trucks, the transportation of millions of gallons of water would not allow for fracking in areas of Texas, causing a halt in the operations of the oil and gas industry.

    Although a water truck is a special type of equipment that is vital to oil and gas well sites, it can present a number of issues, risks, and work-related hazards as well. If you were involved in an accident with a water truck, you could be left with serious or life-threatening injuries. Consult a water truck accident lawyer from Herring Law Firm to determine which course of action can yield the best possible results after an unexpected collision.

    Stand Strong with Herring Law Firm by Your Side

    If you were involved in an accident involving a water truck, either as a driver or someone in another vehicle, you might be up against big trucking companies and insurance companies when you file a claim. At Herring Law Firm, our Texas oil and gas attorney can conduct the necessary investigations to determine the true cause of the accident. If your accident was caused because a driver did not follow the correct procedure or was not trained regarding how to use the truck, the trucker could be held responsible for an accident that occurred as a result. If a truck malfunction caused your accident, the firm can potentially hold the truck manufacturer accountable for their faulty product.

    Hire a Water Truck Accident Lawyer from Herring Law Firm!

    If you are in need of compensation for medical expenses, lost income, or pain and suffering following a water truck accident, contact a Texas water truck accident lawyer from Herring Law Firm. The firm has dedicated its practice to providing aggressive defense and compassionate representation for clients. Our knowledgeable oil & gas attorney can help provide you with experienced representation, and your lawyer won’t be afraid to go to court to help you.

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