Unpaid Wages Lawyer Texas: What Are the Benefits of Hiring One

January 28, 2023

Unpaid wages. The act can be one of the worst things that a company can do to an employee. 

Many people are just trying to get by but acts like this make a difficult task next to impossible. In 2019, over $9 billion in wages were stolen from people that were making $13 or less per hour. 

If you or someone you care about is facing an issue with unpaid wages, you may feel like you have no way out. In this situation, you should find an unpaid wages lawyer in Texas. 

What is an unpaid wages lawyer? How could an unpaid wages lawyer benefit you? 

This is your guide. 

What Is an Unpaid Wages Lawyer? 

Before you can learn more about how an unpaid wages attorney can benefit you, you must first understand exactly what this lawyer is. It is essentially an attorney that can represent you if you are having an issue getting wages that you are owed from a company that you work for. 

They are someone that can help bring your case to a trial and tell you if you even have a case at all. What are the main benefits? Here are a few of the notable ones. 


One big benefit that any type of lawyer can give a client is the ability to negotiate. Think about it. These lawyers do this kind of work every day. 

They know when they are being presented with a fair deal and also know when they can push their luck. Understanding leverage is important in negotiation and this is a skill most lawyers possess. 

For example, a company may come up with an initial offer that was more than what you were expecting. If that happens and you have a lack of experience with these types of cases, you may be willing to take that offer. 

A lawyer will settle you down and tell you that you can do better in this situation. 

The same is also true in reverse. Let’s say that your opposition presents you with a very fair number but you want to try to get even more money. 

A good lawyer knows when to fold their cards. In this situation, they would tell you that this is the best offer that you are going to get and would recommend you settle for that amount. 

Overall, a lawyer can provide you with negotiating skills that can benefit you on both sides of the line. They can stop you from making a mistake and from taking an offer that is less than what you deserve. 

No Upfront Costs

Another benefit when it comes to unpaid wages lawyers is that you do not have to worry about any upfront costs. The reason is that in these types of cases, lawyers do not typically charge by the hour. 

Instead, they charge you a contingency fee. What this means is that they will charge you a certain percentage of your settlement instead of asking for anything upfront. 

For those that do not have the money upfront to hire a lawyer, this can be a great benefit to you. It can allow your lawyer to get started on your work without worrying about where you are going to come up with the funds. 

So, there is one catch. At some point, you are going to have to give your lawyer some kind of money. 

How much is this going to cost you? The answer depends on how much money you get in your settlement. Most lawyers charge between 33-40% for a contingency fee. 

So, if you are worried about finances to afford an attorney, try to put this to the side when it comes to an unpaid wages attorney. 

Counsel and Knowledge 

Since lawyers have a lot more experience in this field than you do, they can give you the counsel you need to win a case like this. Essentially, they can show you the playbook on everything that you have to do to ensure victory. 

This can include gathering all of the documents that you need, what character witnesses are going to say about you, how you frame your story, and more. The point is that your lawyer is going to know how every piece of evidence is going to look for you. 

Their job is to share this counsel with you and lead the way on what settlement you should take and not take.

Also, they should know to keep you out of trouble in court. Stick to the facts and the evidence that is presented. 

However, do not forget how you are trying to come off to a courtroom. 

Future Disputes

Finally, a lawyer could help you avoid any other future disputes with said company. It is bad enough that this has caused a problem that has gotten to this point with you. 

Now, you need to make sure that the problem is solved here and make sure that it never happens again. Usually, a lawyer can find the root of the problem to ensure this problem does not come back for you. 

Hire an Unpaid Wages Lawyer in Texas

These are just some of the benefits that an unpaid wages lawyer in Texas can provide for you. They can make sure that you avoid future disputes, provide you with legal counsel, negotiate on your behalf, and prevent you from paying upfront costs. 

Are you ready to find an unpaid wages lawyer? Message us today to see how we can help you. 

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