The Top 4 Most Common Causes of Oil Rig Injuries In Albuquerque, NM

May 15, 2023

There are 148,610 people employed in the oil rig industry as of right now. It is an in-demand industry that always needs hard workers.

This is a tough job, and many people end up being injured while working. There are specific things that often cause oil rig injuries people should be aware of.

Those who have sustained injuries may need an oil rig injury lawyer in New Mexico. A lawyer will help represent the case and ensure that compensation’s received.

Keep reading to find out what the most common causes of oil rig injuries are.

1. Fire and Explosion

When it comes to oil rig accidents, fire and explosions are always a risk. Oil rigs deal with a variety of flammable materials and oils that could cause explosions.

If equipment is not properly maintained, this is a risk to all of the rig workers. Fires and explosions could result in severe burns and limb loss.

This may even prove to be fatal if the accident is severe enough. In some instances, this type of accident could be due to negligence.

2. Equipment Injuries

Accidents are very common when workers are using or moving equipment, especially if the workers didn’t receive proper training.

Moving large pieces of equipment and machinery could cause back and neck injuries. It could fall and crush a limb or even cause life-threatening injuries if an accident occurs.

These are injuries that could happen over time if precautions are not taken, such as management allowing workers to use equipment without the appropriate safety training or not implementing proper safety protocols.

3. Exposure

Oil rig workers are often exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals. Over time, this can create side effects from repeated exposure.

These toxic chemicals could start to impact workers’ lungs, eyes, and skin. In more severe instances, as could also result in brain damage.

Workers may notice early side effects in the form of rashes, chemical burns, and asthma attacks.

4. Limb Injuries

Another very common type of injury is limb injuries on oil rigs. This often takes the form of lacerations and gashes that require medical attention.

Limb injuries may result in amputation if the limb can’t be saved. This is often the case in crushing accidents where the bone is not fixable.

In many instances, these accidents could be caused by negligence from the oil rig company.

Oil Rig Injuries: Common Injury Causes

Those who work on oil rigs may sustain oil rig injuries. If that is the case, they need to hire oil rig lawyers to represent them.

There are many instances where oil rig injuries could be the result of negligence. In that case, workers could receive compensation for the damage caused.

This compensation could also be used to supplement a loss of income and medical expenses.

Looking for an oil rig attorney to represent a case in Albuquerque, NM? Contact us today at Herring Law Firm to get started.

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