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    Texas Oil and Gas Law Attorney

    Texas is home to some of the most profitable oil-rich properties in the entire nation. Much of the natural resources are found through subsurface shale gas deposits. A variety of shale deposits is located beneath the surface of Texas, and each type can yield financial profit for landowners, operators, and oil and gas companies. At Herring Law Firm, our Texas oil and gas attorney has extensive knowledge of the different types of shale gas and the valuation of each gas field. If you are interested in conducting drilling operations in Texas, speak with Attorney Mason Herring as soon as possible.

    About Shale Gas Drilling Practices

    Until recent years, there weren’t many options in terms of how to conduct drilling operations for oil and natural gas. Shale gas drilling is now one of the most popular ways to extract natural resources from subsurface deposits. It takes years of compression and heat for shale, a type of soft rock, to form from mud and minerals. Eventually, crude oil can be extracted from the soft rock. Currently, the state of Texas is one of the leaders in shale gas development. Shale gas operations are not inherently dangerous or harmful, but they can be. Herring Law Firm can help foster beneficial relationships for both landowners and mining companies during shale gas extraction and development operations.

    Types of Shale Gas Deposits in Texas

    Many different types of shale are located in different regions of Texas. If you live on an oil-rich property, or if you are an oil and gas company in search of potentially profitable regions in Texas, becoming familiar with the various types of shale gas can be extremely beneficial. Some of the most common shale deposits and gas fields include:

    Barnett Shale

    Barnett shale was first discovered in Texas in 1981. Today, natural gas deposits in the region have covered the majority of Eastern Texas. Because of its widespread availability, many companies in the energy sector seek to drill and obtain mineral rights to areas with Barnett shale. In fact, nearly 2.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas exist in Barnett shale fields.

    Bakken Formation

    The Bakken Formation is a type of shale located in North Dakota, Montana, and even some parts of Canada. Mining companies estimate that there may be as much as 18 billion barrels of oil that have yet to be extracted from these wells. Although the wells were discovered in 1951, they have been virtually inaccessible until recent times due to developments in fracking practices.

    Haynesville Shale

    The Haynesville Shale Field is a large rock formation that spans Arkansas, Louisiana, and all the way into Eastern Texas. Known as one of the largest shale fields, the Haynesville Shale Field has an estimated 60 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. It is somewhat difficult to access these rock deposits, but with increased demand and recent advances in drilling technology, headway is being made.

    Eagle Ford Shale

    The Eagle Ford Shale formation is a shale field located in Southern Texas. The formation consists of organic-rich materials and marine shale and reaches a depth of 14,000 feet. With advances in recent technology, oil and wet and dry gas can potentially be accessed. It is one of the most actively drilled fields for oil and gas in the state of Texas.

    Fayetteville Shale

    The Fayetteville Shale Formation is a geologic formation composed of tight shale rock. Named after its location in Fayetteville, Arkansas, this black clay shale was discovered in 2004. In order to procure oil and gas from its deposits, operators must conduct fracking and horizontal drilling. The oil companies that are currently mining these fields are Southwestern, Chesapeake, and BP.

    Woodford Shale

    The Woodford Shale Formation covers nearly the entire state of Oklahoma. One of the most complex formations consisting of black shale rock, the area’s complex design has proven to be particularly challenging to drill. Since 2003, this particular shale field has seen tremendous growth.

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    For more information on the country’s leading shale fields, reach out to a Texas shale gas attorney. Our firm is familiar with shale drilling practices, the oil and gas industry, and aggressive litigation methods, and they can help you if you have concerns about unfair practices near or on your property. Herring Law Firm also helps workers in the mining industry who have been injured in explosions and fires or gas truck accidents. We also handle negotiations on mineral leases and agreements. If you’re seeking a Texas oil & gas attorney for any reason, call Herring Law Firm today to see if we can help.

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