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    If you are a royalty beneficiary, losing your royalties could mean a substantial blow to your financial security. Without a way to pay for basic necessities, losing your royalties or not receiving the full expected amount of royalties could be detrimental to your situation, the well-being of anyone you provide for, or anyone else with a legitimate interest in the royalties. If you have not been paid the right amount of royalties or if you suspect that your royalties have been wrongfully taken from you, speak immediately with a skilled Texas oil and gas attorney at Herring Law Firm.

    What Are Royalties?

    If you decide to lease your mineral rights, an oil company can offer you financial compensation. In exchange for the rights to develop or produce oil and gas on your property, an oil or gas company can offer royalties or bonuses. In this way, both oil companies and landowners can reap the financial success of an oil-rich property and keep the legitimate interests of both parties in check.

    To ensure that you receive the proper amount of royalties, speak with a Texas royalty beneficiary lawyer at Herring Law Firm. The attorney at the firm can offer assistance to both landowners and oil and gas companies in the energy sector.

    Our Texas Oil and Gas Lawyer Protects Beneficiaries

    Oftentimes, Texas landowners have no previous experience in the oil and gas industry but learn that they may have extremely valuable resources under the surface of their properties. Choosing to lease the mineral rights of your property could be a tough decision, especially if you are concerned with potential consequences such as property damage or contamination. A Houston oil and gas lawyer at Herring Law Firm can help you through the decision-making process and inform you of all of your rights so that you never feel rushed to sign or agree to something you don’t completely understand. By using the firm’s insider knowledge of the energy industry, you can make certain that the market values are reflected in your royalties and bonuses as well.

    Work with a Texas Oil & Gas Attorney

    The opportunity for conflict to arise among multiple employees, operators, owners, and royalty beneficiaries who are all located on one small work site is incredibly high. Common oil and gas law disputes tend to involve disagreements over contracts and the payment for royalties. In many cases, the skilled Texas royalty dispute attorney at Herring Law Firm can help represent you and reach an optimal resolution. The firm can collect the necessary evidence such as documents, transactions, and other financial evidence to help you obtain the payment that you were promised per your lease agreement. The firm can also help oil and gas companies fight for fair contracts so that they are not forced to pay more than they should to the property owner.

    If your royalty dispute cannot be settled through mediation or negotiation, the firm’s attorney is not afraid to take your matter to court. Herring Law Firm takes pride in representing clients’ rights aggressively in court. Attorney Mason Herring has represented landowners as well as oil and gas companies and can utilize this versatile knowledge to create a compelling case on your behalf. In fact, as a testament to his skill in conflict resolution, Attorney Mason Herring was selected for inclusion in the lists of Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ from 2014-2022.

    Herring Law Firm Is Prepared to Help You

    At Herring Law Firm, the firm strives to deliver the results that are most beneficial to clients on a daily basis. Attorney Herring has extensive knowledge of state and federal oil and gas laws and has represented past clients in a wide range of litigation matters. When you are involved in a royalty dispute, you will need legal representation from an attorney with intimate insight into the industry who is willing to fight for your royalty rights. Herring Law Firm is the one to trust!

    Contact an oil and gas lawyer at our firm to see how we can help with your case.

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