Quiet Title of Mineral Interests

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    When there is a dispute, lack of certainty, or conflict over the ownership of mineral interests, a quiet title action will likely be necessary to clear the air. Without a quiet title action, the ownership of mineral rights may be contested. A quiet title can prevent a landowner from leasing their mineral rights, receiving royalties, or obtaining any sort of financial compensation from oil and gas development on their own property.

    If you need assistance obtaining a quiet title action, now is the time to act. A Texas oil and gas attorney from Herring Law Firm can address a wide range of issues that can arise in a quiet title action or quiet title dispute. Attorney Mason Herring can provide legal guidance to protect your best interests, preserve your financial security, and safeguard your ownership rights of minerals in Texas!

    How a Texas Oil & Gas Attorney Can Help You

    In essence, when the ownership of minerals is questioned, a lawsuit can be brought before a court to discuss issues pertaining to land disputes. To establish ownership of real property, an individual can “quiet,” or eliminate, the rights of former owners and establish a new title as the new owner of the property. There are several issues that could make a quiet title necessary, such as:

    • Ambiguous titles
    • Coercion or forged deeds
    • Boundary disputes among private parties, states, or even municipalities
    • Unrecorded claims or errors concerning title registration
    • Wrongfully occupied land
    • Government claims to title instead of taxes owed
    • Competing claims concerning lien holders, remainders, reversion, and missing heirs

    Contact a Texas Oil and Gas Lawyer for Help With a Quiet Title Action

    When you retain Herring Law Firm, you are not simply hiring a law firm; you are working with a professional who knows what it takes to get the job done right. As a successful litigator with extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry, the firm’s attorney won’t tire in his efforts to protect your rights, uphold your best interests, and pursue the best possible results in your case.

    Herring Law Firm can go the distance on your behalf and represent your case with the tenacity needed to effectively settle your matter in a way that will be most beneficial to you. Our law firm offers free consultations over the phone or in-person for your convenience. Don’t wait another moment. Contact Herring Law Firm today!

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