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    Trusted Oil & Gas Attorney in Texas

    The oil and gas business is a lucrative industry, and investing in it could be a smart move for any individual seeking to make a profit. Many big oil companies have limited themselves by moving to offshore industries or overseas oil fields, but there are many opportunities to be had in the domestic oil market. With fair competition and opportunities increasing for entrepreneurs, companies, or operators who wish to purchase or sell in the oil and gas industry, any interested party will need effective legal representation.

    At Herring Law Firm, East Texas oil and gas attorney Mason Herring is particularly adept at helping individuals through their oil and gas transactions and transaction disputes. He represents clients in the oil and gas field and can provide sound legal guidance for a range of transactions. Mason Herring was also selected for inclusion in the 2014-2022 Texas Super Lawyers® Rising Starslists, which is only awarded to 5% of practicing attorneys in the state. As a skilled attorney, he can devote the time, energy, and resources necessary to help you come out of a transaction with minimal risks.

    Giving You a Competitive Edge & Protecting Your Finances

    Mineral rights and mineral lease transactions can involve large amounts of money and are extremely complex. If you need assistance with an oil and gas transaction, Herring Law Firm has handled many small and large oil and gas transactions with success. Whether you are an oil company, an individual, or an operator, the firm can help with a wide range of transactions and related matters, including the following:

    • Preparation of transaction agreements
    • Negotiation of oil and gas transactions for purchase or sale
    • Structuring or documentation of oil and gas transactions
    • Closing transactions
    • Title examination
    • Preparation of oil and gas title opinions
    • Sale of producing properties
    • Operating agreements
    • Leases and master service agreements
    • Exploration, production, and surface use contracts
    • Complaints and other disputes, including breach of contract litigation

    When you come to Herring Law Firm, it will be no one else’s business but your own how much your property is worth, how much your oil company is paying for leasing rates, or how successful your royalty payments are. With significant experience in oil and gas law, the East Texas litigation attorney at the firm combines proficiency in the oil and gas law field with a strong understanding of the industry.

    Reliable Advocates Serving Areas Throughout Texas

    Oil companies strive to maintain a competitive edge. The truth of the matter is that most oil companies are invested in multiple areas and continue to seek out locations that can turn a profit. Herring Law Firm can help you move quickly on a prospective area and obtain a lease on lucrative property before word gets out. The firm’s Texas oil and gas attorney can represent you through the purchase and sale of producing properties of all sizes and, when necessary, help you through the litigation of transaction disputes as well.

    Call Herring Law Firm for help with your industry transactions!

    Herring Law Firm knows that clients deserve a beneficial financial outcome. That is why Attorney Herring works hard to protect his clients’ rights and properties during mineral and land transactions. If you are a royalty owner or landowner with oil and gas producers, Herring Law Firm is the Texas law firm to hire! The firm’s successful litigator strives to protect your interests not only at trial, but whenever and wherever you are facing risks.

    If you wish to learn more about how Attorney Herring’s experience and reputation can be of benefit in your oil and gas transaction, contact the firm today. Schedule your free case evaluation with a highly skilled Texas oil and gas attorney and learn more about your rights in an oil and gas transaction in Texas.

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