How to Choose the Right Oil Rig Injury Attorney In Houston, TX

November 7, 2022

Did you know that many oil rig accidents go unreported?

An oil rig is a dangerous place, and the unfortunate reality is that companies may do little to protect their employees. When an accident happens, they may try to cover it up and stall legal action. That’s why you need an oil rig injury attorney.

That said, any attorney can claim to have a specialty in this area. Oil rig injury attorneys are a dime a dozen if you do a quick Google search. It’s probably not the best idea to choose the first one from the list.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what you should look for in Dallas oil rig attorneys.

Find an Oil Rig Injury Attorney Who Specializes in Oil Rig Accidents

Oil rig accidents can be complex for a number of reasons:

  • Accidents can be difficult to pinpoint, given that oil rig workers are surrounded by hazardous machinery
  • Staff may not follow OSHA safety standards to the letter and grow lax in enforcement
  • These accidents often happen far from civilization, making it hard for outsiders to investigate
  • An oil rig’s team can stall inquests as they conduct their own internal investigation
  • Evidence of the accident may be hard to obtain without legal measures

As such, a Hobbs oil rig injury attorney has their work cut out for them. This isn’t your standard car crash or slip and fall in a restaurant. Personal injury on an oil rig takes on an entirely new dimension of complexity. 

It’s in your best interest to seek out an oil rig injury lawyer that has extensive experience in this field. This lawyer needs to have seen it all. They know how oil rigs try to strong-arm their employees into silence and to settle out of court.

The best Dallas oil rig injury attorney knows that they need to play aggressively to obtain evidence. They know the tactics your employer may use to avoid liability and dismiss court cases. A lawyer who hasn’t dealt with these sorts of cases before might balk before experienced lawyers do.

Find an Oil Rig Injury Attorney That Has Worked With Multiple Injuries

There are a lot of ways that you can get injured while on an oil rig. Each injury is different, results from different situations, and thus adds complexity to each case.

An injury could be something simple and straightforward, such as a fall from a slippery floor. Others could be more involved, such as an explosion from a burst valve. Both require a different approach to obtain compensation.

Like with the above, experience is what matters here. All of these situations play out in their own ways. A lawyer who’s seen this before knows what needs to happen next.

Find a Lawyer That Understands Worker’s Comp

Worker’s compensation is the best means of obtaining remuneration following an accident. Taking your employer to court can take months or longer, and may force you to seek work elsewhere. Worker’s comp ensures the employer takes full responsibility for the accident.

You may have obtained workers comp that did not cover the full amount. That, or they made you jump through far too many hoops to get it. You might be injured in the hospital with bills mounting up, but still waiting for your compensation.

Find an oil rig injury attorney who understands the process. They can ensure that your employer isn’t stalling, and dig in the spurs if they are. They know how to leverage legal consequences.

Further, it’s not just your health that may have suffered. You may have suffered damage to personal property or damage to your earning ability. These all incur their own respective compensation, which you are entitled to.

Find a Lawyer That Isn’t Afraid to Take Things to Court

The sad reality is that companies will bend over backward to avoid treating their employees with dignity. They know that you’re the little guy, and they can get away with it. A lawyer is your best asset when this happens. 

The best oil rig injury attorney will fight for you when things get rough. They won’t blink going toe to toe with big companies that try to shirk responsibility.

Taking things to court certainly isn’t the most desirable option. It would be best to go through established workers comp procedures. But when push comes to shove, a lawyer may have to force your employer’s hand.

Find a Lawyer That Makes You Feel Comfortable

A personable lawyer is one that pays close attention to your needs. After all, a lawyer isn’t just someone who is there to fight your case. They serve as legal counsel and a source of encouragement.

Taking on your employer for personal injury can be a lonely thing. You may not have the support of co-workers, or even family and friends. A lawyer can be your anchor through these difficult times.

In short, look for a lawyer you like. Someone who will see things through to the end is someone you can trust.

Get a Lawyer for Your Oil Rig Injury Today

Oil rig accidents happen a lot, and the unfortunate truth is that many do not become public knowledge. You may have suffered an oil rig accident and may be concerned that your case will be swept under the rug as well. Whatever the case, you should get the help of an oil rig injury attorney for your case.

There’s a law firm in your area that specializes in oil rig injuries–and many more. Contact Herring Law Firm if you’re seeking representation for a personal injury case.

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