A Guide to Finding Your Oil Rig Injury Attorney in Houston, TX

February 10, 2023

According to the latest statistics available from the BSEE, oil and gas industry safety incidents in 2021 came very close to historical lows. While this is good news, the injury rate in this industry is still well above the national average.

So, if you work on an oil rig, you must know what to do in the event of an accident before it happens. Read our guide to finding the best oil rig attorney in Houston, TX, so you’re prepared for the worst.

Determine Whether You Need an Oil Rig Attorney

Not every oil rig accident involves hiring a lawyer to help you receive compensation. Minor scrapes and scratches will heal on their own and rarely result in time off from work or any serious consequences.

Yet, if you sustain an injury that hampers your performance or affects your overall health, you may have a case. These include oil rig worker injuries like burns, broken bones, or strains that only impact your life later on.

Finding the Best Oil Rig Lawyer

It’s imperative that you hire a lawyer that specializes in oil rig workplace injuries. They know all the ins and outs of the laws that protect workers in the oil and gas industries.

These include:

  • General maritime law
  • The Jones Act
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

These laws contain protections specific to offshore drilling rigs, but you’re also protected under regular worker’s rights laws in the USA.

You need an attorney with ample experience in managing these often complex cases who can ensure you get the maximum compensation due to you. They have the knowledge and experience to take on large, powerful oil companies if necessary.

There are three ways to track down a great Houston oil rig injury attorney:

  • Ask for recommendations from co-workers, friends, and family
  • Request a reference from an attorney in another practice area
  • Conduct an internet search and browse online reviews

Use these sources to compile a short list of qualified and licensed attorneys. Interview each of them in turn. Most attorneys offer free consultations where you can discuss your case and determine whether it’s worth pursuing it.

Be sure to bring all the necessary documentation and evidence you need to help them get a good overview of your case.

During this interaction, you should also inquire about their fee structures, how they communicate with their clients, and how much experience they have.

You’ll soon figure out which attorney is the best fit for you while chatting with them. It’s vital that you feel comfortable with your choice.

Can You Claim for Your Oil Rig Injury?

Severe injury or disability during an oil rig incident often results in a cash settlement. You can use this to pay your medical expenses and make up for lost earnings resulting from your injury.

It’s best to speak to an oil rig lawyer to help you navigate the intricacies of achieving a settlement for an injury.

Get in touch with our experienced team of Houston oil rig attorneys right away if you feel you deserve compensation for a work-related oil rig injury.

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