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    At the end of the day, the goal of every oil and gas drilling operation is to turn a profit. Whether you are a mineral rights owner looking to obtain royalties or an oil company looking to obtain revenue from oil and gas transactions, the industry can be highly lucrative. Although the earnings can be highly covetable, the oil and gas industry can also be a complicated field of work. That is why the Texas oil and gas attorney at Herring Law Firm is here to help.

    What Is a Master Service Agreement?

    Master service agreements (MSAs) are contractual relationships between specific parties. MSAs can establish terms of agreement that relate to ongoing work, exploration, drilling, production, or service. In most oil and gas operations, there are multiple workers, drillers, property owners, and employees working on a specific property. Each party may be working toward their own objectives simultaneously. Because operations can change rapidly, entering into an MSA will be important to protect the rights of all parties involved in the agreement.

    Entering into a master service agreement can be ideal for many reasons because an MSA can perform the following functions, among others:

    • Permits parties to quickly negotiate future transactions or agreements
    • Allows parties to quickly negotiate agreement-specific terms
    • Enables parties to go without renegotiating terms or conditions multiple times
    • Mitigates conflict and helps parties carefully plan risk-allocation strategies

    Take Action After Your Rights Have Been Violated

    Because parties are obligated to uphold the terms of a master service agreement, disputes can arise on both sides of the contract. Conflict generally tends to happen at small work sites with multiple employers that have differing operation opinions or management philosophies. From minor disagreements to full-scale lawsuits, the Texas breach of contract lawyers from Herring Law Firm can be retained to help mediate or litigate the dispute.

    Common disputes that the firm can address through litigation include the following:

    • Term limits
    • Defect or failure to provide services
    • Modifications and negotiations
    • Failure to provide adequate information needed for performance
    • Disagreements over translation of terms in a contract

    The firm can help you, your employees, or your lessors come to an agreement for a mutually workable solution. If you believe that a violation is taking place in your oil and gas contract, do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of a legal professional at Herring Law Firm.

    Contact the Breach of Contract Lawyers at Herring Law Firm!

    Oil and gas law issues are incredibly complex, which is why Herring Law Firm is the firm you should call when you find yourself in the midst of a master service agreement dispute or other breach of contract issue. A breach of contract could mean significant financial losses for you, but by contacting the firm, you can trust that your lawyer is working to secure the best possible case results on your behalf.

    Contact a Houston oil and gas attorney at Herring Law Firm for more information about master service agreements and how the firm can help with a breach of contract.

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