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How to File an Oil Rig Injury Claim in Houston, TX

The United States is the largest crude oil producer in the world, producing in 32 states. By far the largest domestic producer of oil in the country is Texas (43.02%...
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4 Mistakes with Hiring Water Truck Accident Lawyers in Albuquerque, NM

According to Money Geek, New Mexico is the worst state for distracted driving in America. And the deadliest stretch of road in New Mexico is in Albuquerque. If you need...
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5 Signs You Need to Hire a Water Truck Accident Lawyer in Austin, TX

Around 4,104 people die each year from large truck accidents. 68% of those deaths were occupants of passenger vehicles, and 15% were occupants in the truck. 16% were motorcyclists, bicyclists, or...
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A Guide to Finding Your Oil Rig Injury Attorney in Houston, TX

According to the latest statistics available from the BSEE, oil and gas industry safety incidents in 2021 came very close to historical lows. While this is good news, the injury rate in...
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Unpaid Wages Lawyer Texas: What Are the Benefits of Hiring One

Unpaid wages. The act can be one of the worst things that a company can do to an employee.  Many people are just trying to get by but acts like...
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Oil Rig Injury Lawyer Austin TX: Common Types of Oil Rig Injuries

The United States is one of the world's top crude oil producers, with the industry employing thousands of people. Texas continues to lead the way in terms of oil-producing states,...
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