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Herring Law Firm is a Formidable Force in the Energy Industry

The Herring Law Firm is a powerful team of attorneys with experience in the energy industry. We are experts in defending clients in the courts and helping them get the best possible terms on energy contracts. Contact us today to learn more about our legal capabilities and how we can help you take advantage of today’s energy market!


Attorney Herring provides representation that is worth talking about and worth coming back for when a new concern arises.

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When Herring Law Firm goes to work for you, the firm strives to create clients for life!

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As an experienced TX oil and gas lawyer, Attorney Herring works for results! He has handled a number of lawsuits that have given him unparalleled courtroom experience. Speak with a Houston Oil & Gas Attorney today!


Hire Herring Law Firm for experienced legal counsel!

The experienced Houston Oil and Gas Attorney at Herring Law Firm offers services to a wide base of clientele. The firm currently represents landowners, mineral rights owners, royalty beneficiaries, oil and gas companies, and operators throughout Texas's energy sector! If you are involved in an oil and gas dispute, obtain assistance from a skilled and dedicated lawyer from the firm.

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Since the firm's founding, Attorney Herring has been dedicated to seeking the best possible outcomes on behalf of his clients. While the firm does everything in its ethical power to help clients avoid unnecessary litigation, Attorney Herring is not afraid to take matters to court to fight for the result his client need and deserve. When serious matters are on the table, the firm pushes to recover financial damages and pursue justice on behalf of clients.

If you have been injured in an explosion or other oil- or gas-related accident, Houston Oil and Gas Lawyer Mason Herring can help you pursue compensation for your injuries so that you can recover to full health. If your rights as a mineral owner have been violated, he can strive to hold oil and gas companies accountable for wrongful actions. If contracts have been breached, he can work tenaciously on behalf of the industry's businesses and companies to prove his clients' claims and obtain the best possible verdicts.


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