5 Common Oil Rig Injuries in Texas

August 11, 2022

What are the common oil rig injuries in Texas? Our oil rig injury attorneys discuss this and how to seek compensation from the at-fault party in this article.

We can’t deny that the oil industry is prone to serious accidents and injuries. Over the years, the potential hazards associated with oil rigs have led to severe oil rig injuries and resulted in death. Of course, it doesn’t help that the industry also has questionable safety standards. Luckily for you, our Texas oil rig injury attorney can help you seek damages for your injuries. 

Texas is a famous state when it comes to oil drilling. This industry has provided Texans with job opportunities. However, more job opportunities mean more oil rig workers at risk. Oil rig injuries can be devastating because they keep employees from returning to their jobs. The medical expenses that come with treatments and hospital care can also financially take a toll on their families. 

This article will explore five common oil rig injuries and their causes. We’ll also touch on the damages you can receive after sustaining injuries in an oil rig accident. 

Oil Industry Accident Statistics

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics showed that 489 oil rig workers died on the job from 2013-2017. Additionally, reports from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that 529 workers died in oil field jobs between 2007 and 2011. 

According to the Houston Chronicles, Texas was responsible for 40% of oil rig fatalities from 2007 to 2012. The Chronicle also found that amongst the oil rig accident injuries suffered by Texas oil workers in 2012, 675 suffered fractures, 82 workers were crushed, 92 workers suffered burns, and 79 suffered amputation. 

Most Common Oil Rig Injuries in Texas

Working in an oil rig puts you at risk of severe injuries. There is heavy machinery involved, and most times, it results in exposure to hazardous chemicals. Below, our Texas oil rig injury attorneys explain the most common injuries that result from working on oil rigs.

Back Injuries

This is one of the most common workplace injuries in every profession. However, it is even more common amongst offshore oil rig workers. Working in an oil rig usually means bending over to operate pieces of equipment or lift and carry supplies.

Additionally, working near oil has a risk of falling on slippery surfaces. Catwalks and other wet surfaces increase the risk of injuries.

Head Injuries

Another type of injury that is common at oil rigs is head injury. Most work zones have safety protocols requiring employees to wear a hard hat while on site. However, you could easily get caught off guard in an oil rig’s recreation areas or living quarters. When such accidents happen, they could result in striking your head on hard surfaces, which could cause head injuries.

You can easily suffer a concussion when you hit your head against hard surfaces. These wounds could result in nausea, unconsciousness, disorientation, and confusion. Sometimes, they result in severe head injuries like traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures. 

TBI could lead to issues with cognition, bowel control, motor function, sensation, memory, and other bodily function. The damages are sometimes permanent and require continuous medical care.

Chemical Exposure Injuries

You’d have to deal with toxic chemicals when working at oil rigs. Crude oil can irritate the eyes and the skin, especially if it covers you during an oil leak accident. Exposure to these production chemicals can result in intense pain and discomfort for oil rig workers. 

It could also leave lasting consequences. Most oil rig workers are exposed to chemicals used during crude oil production and during the harvesting and treatment of crude oil. 

Although safety gear like masks, gloves, respirators, coveralls, and goggles can help to prevent injuries, there’s also a need for safety protocols and proper training on oil platforms to ensure a safe environment. An employer also needs to provide safety gadgets to prevent the risk of severe injuries due to negligence. 

However, suppose you still suffer injuries despite the safety measures. Then an oil rig injury attorney can help you seek compensation to cover medical bills.


Another common type of oil rig injury is a burn. Fires are not uncommon at oil rigs and usually result in devastating injuries. This is because stopping a fire with so much oil around is challenging. 

In addition, if there are flammable chemicals close to you, you can suffer severe burns that could result in permanent injuries. You can also suffer less severe burns if you come in contact with an overheated piece of equipment. 

Amputations and Lacerations

Amputations can be pretty traumatic. For example, it could occur during interaction with hydraulic machinery or being hit by a falling piece of equipment. Amputations and lacerations can be so severe that you cannot return to work in manual labor.

Causes of Texas Oil Rig Accidents

The oil industry continues to be a dangerous field. This is because the long working hours, exposure to hazardous conditions, and heavy machinery can lead to fatal injuries. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention findings showed that oil and gas workers are more likely to die than the average worker in the US. 

Finding out the leading causes of accidents can help you prevent future disasters. Knowing the cause of the accident can also help you determine who is at fault so that you can seek fair compensation. Below are the leading contributors to oil rig accidents.

Defective Equipment 

Defective equipment can lead to oil rig accidents. Workers who work with heavy machinery or a piece of equipment that isn’t functioning correctly are more at risk of becoming injured. 

Inadequate Training

The oil industry continues to expand, and with it comes more offshore workers that may not have the necessary experience for the job. In addition, inexperienced workers might indulge in improper safety practices that put other workers in danger. 


One of the common hazards for oil rig and oilfield workers is the electricity powering their work equipment. With many metal equipment surrounding an oil field, there’s vulnerability to lightning strikes. A mechanical failure could also lead to sparks resulting in shocks, burns, and unconsciousness.

When an oil worker experiences equipment malfunctions that result in electric shock, it’s essential to seek an immediate emergency response. A Texas oil rig injury attorney can also help you file a personal injury claim to help you receive compensation for injuries suffered. 


Transportation can also cause accidents on an oil rig. The CDC reported that transportation accidents were responsible for the high fatality rate among oil industry employees from 2003-2013. 

Although most oil workers rely on water vehicles and helicopters for safe transportation, a motor vehicle transporting equipment could also get in an accident. However, helicopter accidents are also common. Significant causes of helicopter accidents are adverse weather conditions and mechanical failures. 

How To Seek Damages for Texas Oil Rig Injuries

If you suffered injuries in an oil rig accident, you could seek compensation for your damages. Maritime law allows oilfield workers to sue the oil rig owners/employers for injuries from safety hazards. An employer who fails to provide safety gear, emergency supplies, and proper employee training violates the Federal Safety Guidelines and is liable for injuries.

You can file a personal injury claim and get maximum compensation for damages. You can recover compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical treatment if your claim is successful. 

Book a Free Consultation With a Texas Oil Rig Injury Attorney Today

Oilfield accidents can sometimes lead to personal injury or fatal work injuries. That’s why it’s crucial to be careful while working on an oil rig. However, accidents can still occur despite safety precautions. 

In such a case, you can seek compensation for your work injuries. However, seeking the help of oil field injury lawyers increases your chances of maximum compensation.

At Herring Law Firm, we have a lot of experience with offshore oil rig accidents and injuries. We’re dedicated to representing victims and ensuring they receive a fair settlement. Contact our Texas oil rig injury attorneys today for a free case evaluation.

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