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Herring Law Firm was founded on the core focuses of trust, confidence and excellence. These characteristics fuel the firm's desire to obtain the best possible results for clients time and time again. If you need an oil rigs injury attorney you have come to the right place.

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Herring Law Firm is a Formidable Force in the Energy Industry

The Herring Law Firm is a powerful team of attorneys with experience in the oil rig injury law space. We are experts in defending clients in the courts and helping them get the best possible terms on energy contracts. Contact us today to learn more about our legal capabilities and how we can help you take advantage of today’s energy market!


Attorney Herring provides representation that is worth talking about and worth coming back for when a new concern arises.

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When Herring Law Firm goes to work for you, the firm strives to create clients for life!

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Need an oil rig injury attorney?

Our oil rig injury attorney can help get you the compensation you deserve. We fight against the oil rig companies here in Texas hard to get you the help you need. We also provide you with support throughout the process, so you can feel confident in us handling your case. We cover oil rig injuries, gas truck accidents, water truck accidents and more.


Oil Rig Injuries Attorney

Oilfield accidents are pretty common in the US and are very dangerous. Several factors increase the risk of injuries and deaths to oilfield workers.

Oil & Gas Transactions Attorney

With fair competition and opportunities increasing, any interested party will need effective legal representation.

Gas Truck Accidents Lawyer

When an accident involves heavy machinery, the potential for life-threatening injuries and damages is extremely high.

Unpaid Wages Attorney Texas

Unpaid wages cost workers billions of dollars yearly, but you can get your money back with the help of lawyers for unpaid wages in Texas.

Water Truck Accidents Lawyer Texas

If a truck malfunction caused your accident, the firm can potentially hold the truck manufacturer accountable for their faulty product.

Lease Agreement Lawyer Texas

If your business is considering purchasing or leasing mining lands in Texas, it is crucial to consult an attorney that specifically concentrates on this area of law.

Houston Oil & Gas Attorney

Get the Help you need to keep your Houston business safe and sound.









Protect your interests with help from the Herring Law Firm!

When Herring Law Firm goes to work for you, the firm strives to create clients for life! Attorney Herring provides representation that is worth talking about and worth coming back for when a new concern arises. If you are involved in an oil and gas injury or dispute, obtain assistance from a skilled and dedicated Texas lawyer from the firm.

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The experienced Houston Oil and Gas Attorney at Herring Law Firm offers services to a wide base of clientele.


The firm currently represent landowners, mineral rights owners, royalty beneficiaries, oil and gas companies, and operators throughout Texas's energy sector!

Invaluable experience

Because the law firm represents individuals and corporations, it has gained invaluable experience and insight into the specific and complex area of law governing oil and gas transactions and related issues.



What Our Clients Say

When Herring Law Firm goes to work for you, the firm strives to create clients for life! Attorney Herring provides representation that is worth talking about and worth coming back for when a new concern arises.

Mason represented me when my arm was crushed in an oil field. He always kept me informed of what was going on and helped secure my family's future because I can no longer work. I would recommend Mason to anyone that needs a straight shooting hard working lawyer.



Mason Herring is an excellent, knowledgeable attorney. He takes great care and attention with each case to achieve superior results. I have been against him and on the same side as him. He is always prepared, knows the law, and his facts.

Rachel A.


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As an experienced TX oil and gas lawyer, Attorney Herring works for results! He has handled a number of lawsuits that have given him unparalleled courtroom experience. Speak with a Houston Oil & Gas Attorney today!

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